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GFCI & AFCI Circuit Breakers – Installation and Repair Services in Apex NC

GFCI breakers, or Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters, are circuit breakers that are installed near sinks, plumbing fixtures, and any other place that has water or moisture, per the National Electric Code (NEC) regulations. GFCI breakers mainly protect homeowners from accidents and electrocutions caused by faulty equipment or wiring.?

AFCI breakers, or Arc-Fault Interrupters, are fire-prevention circuit breakers which constantly monitor electrical circuits, and break them when they detect a potentially dangerous electrical arc.?

If you have an older home, your home might not have AFCI or GFCI breakers, or might have them in the wrong places–which means they will need to be upgraded to ensure your safety and legal compliance! If you need GFCI and/or AFCI breaker installation in Apex NC, call Alternate Current Solutions today.?

Where should GFCI breakers be installed??

?The National Electric Code stipulates that GFCI breakers should be installed in all of the following locations:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Wet Bar Sinks
  • Garages
  • Crawlspaces
  • Accessory Buildings
  • Unfinished Basements
  • Outdoors

Remember, if you are building a new addition or freestanding structure, you will require AFCI and GFCI breakers along with your other new wiring services.?

Where should AFCI breakers be installed??

AFCI breakers are required?for?all?15- and 20-amp branch circuits that provide power to residential family?rooms–which is to say, almost every room. Dining?rooms, living?rooms, parlors, libraries, dens, bedrooms, sunrooms, recreation?rooms, closets, and hallways all require AFCIs.?

Need GFCI or AFCI installation in Apex? Call our Apex electricians today!?

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