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Outlet & Switch Repair Services in Apex NC

You probably have never thought much about your outlets or light switches. But take a moment to think about it: All day, every day, people in your house plug and unplug things, flip switches, and make demands on your electrical system. Eventually, this constant wear-and-tear can cause the electrical outlet connections to weaken and even fail. And a dead outlet isn’t just a nuisance—it’s also a fire hazard. 

That’s why, if your outlets are no longer working, or you would like to proactively ensure their continued performance, we highly recommend hiring an Apex electrician to perform outlet and switch repair services. 

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Our Apex Outlet Repair Services 

Our skilled electricians receive continual training on outlet codes and safety, and can ensure that components of your electric system are working properly. We inspect, install and repair:  

  • GFCI and AFCI outlets
  • Dimmer switches
  • Window AC outlets
  • Remote switches
  • Floor outlets
  • Outdoor or indoor outlets

No outlet repair job is too big or too small, so just give us a call! 

Can I fix a broken outlet or light switch myself? 

Even though it’s possible for homeowners to repair or install electrical switches and outlets themselves, it is not recommended unless you have prior electrical experience. Electrical work is often difficult and dangerous, and requires special tools and materials to do correctly. A bad repair job could mean an expensive fix, or worse, a nasty shock!

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Trusted Electrical Contractor

Our Local Electrician Has You Covered for Your Home & Business Needs
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