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Professional Recessed Lighting Installation Services in Apex 

Recessed lights, occasionally referred to as “can lights” or “downlights”, are light fixtures that are installed into hollow openings in the ceiling. These sleek, versatile options are great for rooms with low ceilings, as they do not protrude downwards and can make a cramped space seem larger. 

Since recessed lighting requires extensive wiring, we highly recommend hiring a professional electrician who can install or replace them for you. If you are looking for recessed lighting services in Apex NC, call Alternate Current Solutions today

Where should I install recessed lights? 

Recessed lighting looks good almost anywhere, but they are especially flattering in the following areas: 

  • Kitchen ceilings: Since recessed lights are directional, they work well as kitchen task lights.
  • Kitchen islands: Task lighting brightens the kitchen island, but keeps the center of the ceiling clear of obstructions.
  • Shower stalls: Sealed recessed lights have waterproof lenses, so they can get splashed with water and keep on shining. 
  • Family rooms and home movie theaters: Recessed lights provide clear sight lines that make movie night even better.  

Benefits of Recessed Lighting 

Recessed lighting has many positive advantages over other types of lighting, such as: 

  • No visible fixtures – As the name implies, recessed lights shrink into the ceiling and blend with the décor.
  • Make low ceilings look higher – Recessed lights help you get your ceiling back.
  • Total room coverage – Recessed lights, if arrayed correctly, will cover the entire room, not just the center. 

Ready to install recessed lights in Apex NC? Call our Apex electricians today!

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Our Local Electrician Has You Covered for Your Home & Business Needs
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