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USB Outlet Installation Services in Apex NC 

Are you tired of tracking down a charger every time your smartphone or tablet starts to die? Do they seem to disappear into the bowels of your teen’s bedroom? Alternate Current Solutions can install USB wall outlets right into your walls, so you never have to hunt down a USB charger again. 

Why should I upgrade my wall sockets with USB ports? 

Incorporating USB ports into your wall outlets is an extremely handy, useful, and modern upgrade that doesn’t cost much, but makes your everyday life ten times easier.

USB outlets are also a modern building trend used to attract home buyers. Ten years from now, every house will have USB charging ports in the walls—and if your home has USB ports also, it will be able to compete on the housing market! 

Get ahead of the game, declutter your kitchen, and never rummage for a charger again–request USB outlet installation services today!

Can I install a USB outlet myself? 

Electricity is complicated and can even be dangerous, so it is highly recommended that you hire a professional Apex electrician to install your USB wall outlets. Since USB outlets are a bit larger than the standard two-plug electrical outlet plates, you will likely need an electrical panel upgrade, as well, and a licensed electrician will be able to make this decision. Don’t risk your health and safety–trust us to get it done right! 

Ready for your new USB port installation in Apex? Call Alternate Current Solutions today to schedule a free estimate!

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Our Local Electrician Has You Covered for Your Home & Business Needs
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