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Ceiling Fan Installation Services in Garner NC

Not only does a ceiling fan provide a low-cost, clean alternative to air conditioning, it also improves heat distribution in the winter. If you would like to commission ceiling fan installation in Garner NC, call a professional electrician at Alternate Current Solutions. Our experienced technicians will ensure your ceiling fan installation is performed promptly and neatly, that the fan is in perfect balance, and that it integrates correctly with the rest of your home’s wiring system. 

Electricity is complex and dangerous–trust the pros to do it for you! Contact us here to schedule your free ceiling fan installation estimate.

Can I install a ceiling fan myself? 

It is important that you always call a licensed electrician to perform any electrical work, including ceiling fan installation. Since your ceiling fan will be hard-wired to your home’s electrical system, a mistake could result in serious (and expensive) damage. In addition, if the ceiling fan installation is not done properly, it could cause a short circuit, which could cause an electric fire. 

Because a ceiling fan has a motor that is usually quite heavy, you may also find it difficult to properly position the fan as you install it. If that happens, then it the fan will likely vibrate and create a lot of noise as it turns. 

Luckily, the trained technicians at Alternate Current Solutions know how to effectively balance a ceiling fan, and select the correct electrical junction box to support it. If you have a ceiling fan with lights, your technician will know how to wire those lights correctly, too. 

If you need ceiling fan installation or repair in Garner, give us a call today!

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