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Electric Panel Upgrades in Garner NC

Homes that were built prior to the 1980s were never designed to support the number of laptops, tablets, and smartphones we are constantly plugging in and recharging–not to mention the number of kitchen gadgets, computer systems, and heavy lawn equipment we depend on every day! 

That’s why, if you live in an old home, it’s highly recommended that you upgrade your electrical panels. An electric panel that can’t supply the power that’s demanded of it can short out or cause an electrical fire. 

If you need electrical panel upgrade services in Garner NC, call Alternate Current Solutions! Our skilled, licensed electricians will be happy to upgrade or replace your electric panel. 

Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Electric Panel

Your electrical panel is often referred to as the main breaker box, or fuse box. There are several signs to look for that indicate it’s time for an electrical panel repair or upgrade, including: 

  • Warm electrical panel—Indicates that the panel is defective, overloaded, or improperly installed. 
  • Bad odor coming from panel box—Typically indicates an improperly connected wire or bad circuit breaker. Both these situations place you at high risk for an electrical fire, so if you notice a bad smell, call an electrician immediately. 
  • Lights dimming often—Indicates your system is failing due to too much demand. 
  • Appliances operating poorly—Also indicates the system is overwhelmed. 

Also note that if you plan on building an addition to your property, adding a new, large appliance, or performing a renovation, this is a practical time for an electrical panel upgrade.

Upgrade your Panel Today with ACS

An upgrade is less expensive than repairs caused by an outdated panel! Don’t wait until it’s too late—schedule an appointment with one of our Garner electricians today.

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