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Light Fixture Installation in Garner? Call Alternate Current Solutions!

“It’s as easy as changing a lightbulb” might be a popular phrase, and it’s true that simply twisting your wrist is an easy task for most people. However, installing a light fixture is a job that’s more complicated than it looks. An amateur electrical job could result in poor wire connections, overloaded circuits, and faulty grounding, all of which could endanger your home and your loved ones.

Instead of tackling it alone, call Alternate Current Solutions! Our professional Garner electricians are fully licensed and experienced in all aspects of fixture installation. Let us give you the confidence that your new fixture was installed safely and correctly.

Our Fixture Installation/Replacement Services 

  • Interior lighting installation: Increases your home’s visibility, beauty, and safety.
  • Overhead lighting installation: Makes a small space looks busy and allows for better task lighting. 
  • Accent lighting installation: Highlight certain features of your home, like art, paintings, or furniture. 
  • Exterior Lighting Installation: Improves your curb appeal while deterring criminal activity. 

FAQ: How much does a new light fixture installation cost?

This depends largely on the location of the light fixture, how many you’d like, and the materials the fixture is made of. The cost for the fixture itself can run anywhere from $20 to $1,500 or more for a chandelier. Your Garner electrician can give you a final estimate of your installation costs up-front. Even if the installation takes longer than we expected, the price on your initial quote is the price you will pay! 

Ready for your Garner light installation? Call us now for a free rate quote!

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