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Get GFCI and AFCI Circuit Breaker Installation in Garner NC 

The NES (National Electric Code) requires fire-prevention and electric-shock prevention circuit breakers to be installed in every residential and commercial building. If you have an older house, suspect that your house may not have been built to code, or are completing a new renovation or addition, it is important to contact a licensed electrician to install GFCI and AFCI breakers in their required locations. 

If you need GFCI or AFCI circuit breaker installation in Garner NC, call Alternate Current Solutions today! Our experienced electricians are familiar with local codes and will ensure you meet all NES criteria.

What are GFCI and AFCI circuit breakers? 

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs) protect against circuit overloads and electrical arcing, which can cause electrical fires. 

GFCI breakers, or Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters, protect homeowners from accidents and electrocutions caused by faulty equipment or wiring. 

Both devices monitor your electrical current. If they detect an unusual level of output, they stop the current within a fraction of a second. 

Only a licensed, certified electrician should install AFCIs and GFCIs in your home. Once installed, they should also be tested to ensure they are functional. 

How to Test Your GFCI and AFCI Circuit Breakers

Our Garner electricians can test your circuit breakers for you at the end of the installation. However, if you are just browsing this page and considering testing them yourself, you can do this by plugging a lamp into the protected circuit and pressing the “test” button located on the receptacle. If the light doesn’t turn off, call a licensed electrician to repair or replace the defective circuit interrupter. If the light does turn off, press the “reset” button to restore power. (Be sure to remember to do this–we have been called out to “repair” many outlets that were simply turned off!) 

Alternate Current Solutions is ready to help you obtain the peace of mind that comes with having the right circuit breakers! To schedule a free estimate, click here.

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