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Recessed Lighting Installation Services in Garner NC

Recessed lighting, also referred to as can lighting, provides pleasant ambient light throughout your home. Recessed lights are mounted in the ceiling, so they make the ceiling appear taller and the room appear bigger. 

If you are interested in recessed lighting installation services in Garner, NC and the surrounding areas, call the professional electricians at Alternate Current Solutions. We can help you choose the right recessed light design for your space and price point, and install them safely and securely. 

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Advantages of Recessed Lighting Installation

  • More space: Because recessed lights don’t extend downwards into the room, they make the space feel larger and more open. This is makes them the perfect choice for small houses with low ceilings, as well as basements.
  • No cords: Electric cords can give your home an untidy appearance and be a tripping hazard (or chewing hazard for pets and small children). Recessed lights have all wiring inside the walls, creating a clean and neat appearance. 
  • Great for “museum style” spaces: Recessed lights are inconspicuous themselves while serving to highlight the key features of a room. That makes them an excellent choice for living rooms and gallery spaces. 

Our skilled electricians can install your recessed lighting correctly and safely. Electricity can be deadly—so don’t risk a mistake! Instead, trust the pros at Alternate Current Solutions. 

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