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USB Outlet Installation in Garner NC?

Finding a free outlet and charging cable to power your devices can be an annoying endeavor, especially when you?ve got a million other things on your plate. Alternate Current Solutions can help streamline your life by installing USB outlets right into your walls.?

With a USB outlet, you can plug your phone or tablet directly into the outlet, while leaving the normal ports available for other appliances and devices. Many USB outlets are also equipped with chips that read how much power a charging device needs, and shut off when the device is charged, saving you money on your utilities.?

When you?re ready to install USB wall outlets in Garner NC, just give us a call!?

USB Outlet Options

We offer many different types of USB outlets and receptacles, depending on your needs. Our most popular models include:

  • Single USB outlets: Generally features one normal non-USB socket and two USB ports.?
  • Duplex USB outlets: Features two normal, non-USB sockets, as well as two USB ports.?
  • 4-port USB outlets: Features four USB ports and no other sockets for normal electronics.?

Are USB wall outlets safe?

The quick answer is that yes, USB wall outlets are safe?as long as they are installed correctly by a licensed electrician. Even though outlet installation may seem simple, it is not a task that should be attempted by someone with no prior electrical experience. A professional electrician can also help identify other issues in your wiring which may potentially make the outlet unsafe.?

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