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Dimmer Switch Installation in Holly Springs NC

If you’re looking for a way to save energy while having the freedom to customize the ambience in your home, call Alternate Current Solutions! Our Holly Springs electricians can provide a wide variety of electrical services, including dimmer installation. 

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Benefits of Dimmer Switch Installation 

  • Instant ambience: Dimmer switches allow you to set the mood for any occasion quickly and easily. Many modern dimmer switches can be programmed to adjust the lighting at specified times during the day, and others can be switched easily using touch screens or wireless remote controls.
  • Energy-efficiency: There’s no easier way to save energy in your home than to dim the lights! Dimming a halogen bulb by 20 percent, for instance, saves about 18 percent of the energy required to power the light. In addition to saving energy and money, this can also make your lights last longer!

Types of Dimmer Switches We Install

We can install any type of dimmer switch in your Holly Springs home. The most popular types of switches include:

  • Integrated Dimmer Switches: The most versatile type of dimmer switch, integrated dimmers can be used to create multiple presets for a single room. Once they’ve been set, all it takes is the touch of a button or a wireless remote control to set your lighting to your exact preference. 
  • Touch Dimmer Switches – Touch dimmer switches also allow you to adjust the lighting level with just the press of a finger. 
  • Slide Dimmer Switches – One of the most common type of dimmer switch, these can be operated manually with a sliding apparatus. 
  • Rotary Dimmer Switches – Another type of manual dimmer switch, rotary dimmers operate on a dial.

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