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If you are remodeling a room in your home, building a new addition, or building a new structure entirely, you will likely need a licensed residential electrician to install the wiring. A professional electrician can ensure the work is done safely and accurately, and complies with local and state codes. 

If you need remodeling or renovation electrical services in Holly Springs, call Alternate Current Solutions today! Our experienced Holly Springs electricians will install new electrical components, perform panel upgrades, and ensure that everything is fully operational and code-compliant. 

Do I need an electric panel upgrade for a renovation project? 

When you add a new room or structure—or even a large new appliance—it is possible that your current electrical panel will not be strong enough to support the extra demand. In that case, it is necessary to have a panel upgrade. 

Panel upgrades are also recommended for homes built before the 1980s, which were not designed to handle the number of electronic devices we use today. Flickering lights, dead sockets, unexplained power outages, and rust or corrosion around your electrical box are all signs that your electrical panel is in need of an upgrade. We will be happy to provide panel upgrade services as we complete your renovation. 

Signs that an Electrical System Needs an Upgrade

  • Bulbs burn out quicker than they should
  • Circuit breakers trip frequently
  • Lighting problems
  • Light switches flicker or dim
  • Light switches feel hot to the touch
  • Outlets are charred or discolored
  • Your electric bills have suddenly increased

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