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Tesla and EV Charging Station Installation in Holly Springs NC

If you have recently purchased, or are going to purchase, an electric vehicle (EV), let Alternate Current Solutions install your EV charging stations! With more than 10+ years as licensed Holly Springs electricians, we have the skills and know-how to install your EV charging station safely and effectively.

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Top 3 Things to Know About EV/Tesla Car Chargers

1. You may need an electrical panel upgrade as well as a charger installation.

Charging an electric vehicle draws a lot of electricity. If your home is small or built prior to the 1980’s, its current electrical panel may not be able to accommodate the demand. Our electricians will verify whether your panel is sufficient, and upgrade it if it isn’t. 

2. Charging your car frequently helps the battery last longer

Just as running a car when it’s low on gas is bad for the health of its fuel system, running an electric car on a low battery will wear out the battery faster. In order to get your money’s worth, it’s a good idea to charge it as often as possible—which means a home EV charging station is a must! 

3. The charging time for an electric car varies widely

This will depend on your vehicle and the charging station you use. Some units take as much as 15 hours to fully charge, while others take as little as 15 minutes! The levels of charging efficiency are generally as follows: 

      • Home charging stations – 8 to 15 hours
      • Commercial charging stations – 3 to 8 hours
      • Fast Commercial/DCFC stations – Less than 1 hour

Alternate Current Solutions is ready to help you find a residential EV charger that meets your needs. Schedule your free estimate today!

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