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Outlet and Switch Repair Services in Holly Springs

Outlets and switches are critical interfaces we rely on to access and control electricity every day. Because they’re such an ordinary part of our lives, many homeowners don’t realize exactly how powerful or potentially hazardous outlets and switches can be. Indeed, the power that we tap into to light, heat, power appliances, and keep our homes safe can be dangerous when it isn’t properly maintained.

If you have a malfunctioning or dead outlet or light switch, it could be a sign of a much larger electrical issue. That’s why it’s important to call one of our Holly Springs electricians as soon as you detect an issue. Our electrical outlet repair and light switch repair services will have your household up and running at full capacity. We perform new outlet installation and light switch installation as well.

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Electrical Safety Tips for Switches and Outlets  

Broken switches and outlets aren’t just nuisances; they’re also safety hazards. And once installed, an electric system won’t run perfectly forever—with time and use, electrical connections can become loose, just like all other mechanical systems. 

Below are a few tips concerning the potential hazards associated with your switches and outlets.

  • Check to make sure outlets and switch plates are not unusually hot to the touch. If they are, immediately unplug cords from these outlets and do not use the switches.
  • Look for discoloration as another indication of potentially dangerous heat buildup at the connectors.
  • Check that all outlet and switch cover plates are in good condition so that no wiring is exposed. Replace any missing, cracked or broken cover plates.
  • Be sure to cover unused outlets with safety caps. 

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