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USB Outlet Installation in Holly Springs NC

Tired of hunting around for a phone or tablet charger? Spend less time hunting and more time using your devices with our USB outlet installation services!

USB outlets enable you to plug your phone, activity tracker, or tablet right into the wall. They eliminate the need for unsightly chargers cluttering up your living space, too! Due to their amazing effiency, USB wall chargers are gaining more popularity than ever before. In fact, we suspect that pretty soon, every house will be built with USB outlets by default. 

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The Top Benefits of USB Outlets 

USB outlets are small and accommodating, and the cables not only carry power but also data. That means they can be used for smart grids, convenient storage, and even solar power. Some other benefits of USB outlets are:


Using a normal USB power outlet to charge your device through a laptop or desktop computer generally provides you with about 500 amps of electricity. A USB wall outlet has about 20 amps more, allowing you to charge your device faster. This is especially useful for devices that are larger and have bigger batteries. 


Since USB cables and chargers are small and taken everywhere, they are easy to lose. But a USB wall charger is loss-proof: it doesn’t go anywhere. USB wall chargers are also generally made of more durable components than your average drugstore USB. 


Wall chargers sticking out of your wall can make a cluttered kitchen or bathroom counter look even worse! With USB wall outlets, your wall is pristine once the cable is unplugged. 

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