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Whole House Surge Protection in Holly Springs NC

Does your family own a home theater with multiple speakers and components? How about an expensive gaming system? Do you have a home office full of plugged-in computers, or a pool with an expensive motor?

If so, you should consider investing in whole house surge protection. Whole home surge protection is essentially a secondary home insurance policy, because it ensures that a power surge will not fry your expensive devices. 

If you would like whole house surge protection services in Holly Springs NC, call Alternate Current Solutions today to schedule a free estimate!

Why Surge Protector Strips Aren’t Enough

Often, when people hear the words “surge protection,” they think of power strips which plug into the wall. However, these extension outlets usually offer little surge protection, or no surge protection at all. A whole house surge protector is installed at the main service panel in your home, and can therefore protect your electrical system, electronics, and large appliances from internal and external power surges.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Power surges can’t be predicted or prevented. They come at random, for a wide variety of reasons related to the house itself and the city-wide electrical system. They can affect both old houses and new houses, extensive electric systems and simple ones. The bottom line: If you leave your home unprotected from these power surges, you could lose your favorite electronics and appliances after just one three-second burst of power! 

Whole house surge protection might seem like an unnecessary cost—but it’s small change compared to the cost of replacing your HVAC, television, microwave, computers, phones, fridge, and laundry machine. 

Don’t leave it up to chance—call Alternate Current Solutions today to get whole house surge protection installation in Holly Springs NC!

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