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Local Electrician Shares Difference Between Diagnostic Services vs. Free Estimates

For as long as we’ve been in business, we’ve offered free electrical repair and service estimates to our local customers around the Raleigh-Triangle region. Over the years, we’ve learned that there can be some confusion surrounding the language “diagnostic” and “free estimate.” While we do not charge for an electrical repair estimate or installation estimate, we do generally request a fee for our electrical diagnostic services. In today’s post, we explain the difference between the two terms, and what you can expect when you request an electrical service from us.

What is a Free Electrical Estimate?

A free estimate can often be given over the phone, without the need for an in-person assessment. Many customers prefer this option, as it allows them to understand their repair or installation costs without needing to schedule time off work to meet the technician at home. If we are able to perform an in-person inspection (which is preferable, as it helps us give better accuracy in our estimate), it can generally be done without taking any tools out.  Due to our years of industry experience, we can usually give a pretty accurate estimate for standard electrical jobs like light fixture installation, circuit breaker replacement, dimmer installation, and so on.

However, unexplained symptoms like flickering lights, tripping circuit breakers, or bad-smelling outlets will usually require deeper troubleshooting before we can give an accurate cost estimate. If it is not possible for us to ascertain how much time and money a repair will cost without opening up the issue and taking a look inside, we will usually charge a small diagnostic fee to compensate the technician for his or her time. While we work hard to provide affordable local electrician services to our clients, and are happy to work with you to provide flexible repayment options, we unfortunately cannot provide our diagnostic services for free. If we did, we might find ourselves driving around all week performing assessments, with no compensation to bring home! We’re sure our spouses would not be happy about that.

How We Keep Your Home & Business Electric Costs Low

We are a family-owned, local electrical business, and as such, we do everything we can to price our services fairly and affordably. Some ways we keep your costs low include:

  • No overtime/weekend fees for emergencies. If you experience an electrical emergency at a time when our physica office is closed, we will still provide 24/7 service with no extra fees. Expenses should never stand between you and your safety.
  • No tool rental fees. If you have a service that requires a special tool, we will purchase the item and absorb it into our inventory at no extra cost. Other electricians will typically rent the tool and pass the fee onto you.
  • No job too small. We’re electricians, not taxi drivers, so we do not “start the timer” the second we leave our shop. We know that giving a customer a positive experience will earn us long-term trust and loyalty that is priceless–so even if you need help changing a lightbulb, we are happy to help. If a repair can be performed quickly and easily, your technician may even perform it at no extra charge, at his or her discretion.

Need an Electrician for Your Home or Business? Call ACS Electrician Today!

 It can be unsettling to receive a diagnostic fee when you are simply looking for an estimate on how much a repair will cost. We understand your frustration, and do everything we can to avoid “surprising” our customers with an unexpected bill. If we determine that further investigation is needed before we can make a service estimate, we will inform you up-front before performing the diagnosis. To learn more about our services, or schedule your free estimate, please click here.

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