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Our Apex Electrician Shares Some of the Most Common Home Electrical Hazards

Avoid Electrical Hazards to Improve Your Home’s Safety

Nowadays, we rarely ever think about electrical issues which could take place in our home because we feel so strongly the electrical contractor has done their job right, or that the town or city or builders’ inspectors have passed it for reasons which would deem it acceptable. This does give you peace of mind, however, as homeowners ourselves, our local electrician wants to share a few pieces of information to help you avoid potential electrical hazards within your home.

Proper Wiring
Good quality wiring is crucial for safety, and it is necessary that it is installed correctly by a licensed local electrician, electrical contractors in Apex. Failure to this, chances of power surges, fire, and arc faults are higher.

Care of Outlets in Wet Areas
To avoid electric shock, outlets in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens should be installed far from the water source by the local electrician, since water is a good conductor of electricity. For further precaution, hairdryers, radio, phone, or other electrical devices should not be handled on a wet floor, near the pool or in the bath.  For the same reason, using wet hands to handle these and other electrical appliances should never happen.

Children and Electricity
Toddlers and young babies are in the exploratory stage; they put fingers and insert gadgets in all open surfaces, including electrical outlets.  Although supervision by adults is the ideal scenario, power outlets should be installed above their height, and extra-safe power points inserted if outlets are within their reach.  Older children can be taught safe ways of using electricity instead of just being cautioned against it. They may respond to fun activities like the Electricity Scavenger Hunt, a game where they identify different, safe ways of using electricity and the safe use of appliances.

Bulbs and Other Power Outlets
Tripping or other accidents can be avoided if extension cords, wires, and covered electrical cords are installed safely and securely, unused sockets covered with plastic socket closures, and extension cords not overloaded.  On their own, light bulbs are rarely a hazard, but if placed near flammable materials like drapes and bedding, or touched with wet hands maybe during replacement, they can catch fire.  The light switch should also be off when changing a bulb, while television and computers are protected from overheating. Any electrical contractor in Apex can confirm that faulty electrical wires, overheating, and damaged electrical appliances cause most electrical accidents. These should thus be replaced or upgraded.  Apex electricians offer regular wiring checks in operational buildings to ensure safety. You cannot compromise safety; to schedule a customized free estimate, contact our Apex electricians.