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Learn How Christmas Lights Affect Your Electric Bill from Our Holly Springs Electrician

Whether you dream of a single, beautiful Christmas tree in your front window, or want to go all-out and be “that house” on the block this year, there’s no doubt that your electric bill is going to see a spike this December. The question is, how much? In today’s post, our Holly Springs electrician discusses just how much power Christmas lights consume, and what you can do to keep costs low. (Note: we use the national average cost of $0.13 per kWh for the estimates in this post. To calculate your own true costs, we recommend looking up the current going rate in your area.) 

How Much Power Do String Lights Consume?

Almost all of us will utilize string lights in our holiday décor. These simple, compact lighting options usually come in strings of 100, with each string consuming about .039 kW per hour. That’s about 1 kWh per day for one 100-light strand. If you leave that single string light on from morning to night, you’ll end up paying about $3.82 per month.

Now of course, very few of us will stop with just one little strand. It takes about 700 lights to fill a 7-foot Christmas tree, 1,000 for a 10-foot tree and about 2,000 for a 12-foot tree. Assuming you run the lights all day, without using a timer, and assuming that every hour of use costs $0.13, the numbers work out to: 

  • A 7-foot Christmas tree strung with 700 lights: $26.79 a month
  • A 10-foot tree strung with 1,000 lights: $38.28 a month
  • A 12-foot tree strung with 2,000 lights: $76.57 a month 

And that’s all just for one tree! You can see why using a timer to turn the lights off during the day is really essential if you don’t want to take a dive on energy costs. Most stores that sell lights sell timers right beside them, and you can make timing even easier with home automation devices. 

What About LED String Lights?

The second biggest way to save money on Christmas lighting, besides using a timer, is using LED lights. A strand of 100 lights only consumes about 0.0045 kWh per hour, which comes to about $0.44 per month. That means that if you switch the lights to LEDs, and run them for the same number of hours, the new costs are: 

  • A 7-foot Christmas tree strung with 700 lights: $3.10 a month
  • A 10-foot tree strung with 1,000 lights: $4.43 a month
  • A 12-foot tree strung with 2,000 lights: $8.86 a month 

There you have it—a by-the-numbers demonstration of why LED Christmas lights are such a great way to save on utility costs. Even better, since they consume less power, it’s less likely that you will need to add another circuit or upgrade your electrical panel, and less likely you will suffer the consequences of not doing so (i.e. an electrical fire). 

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