Our Local Electrician Shares Top Tips for Lighting Your Retail Business

There?s no doubt that the retail industry is struggling. Last year saw retailers like Payless ShoeSource, Gymboree, Forever 21, and Charming Charlie file for bankruptcy, and this year?s coronavirus outbreak hasn?t helped anything. If you?re a retail business owner struggling to stay afloat in this tough environment, one of the easiest, most affordable revamps you can make is new lighting. New lighting cost much less than a storefront remodel, and helps direct attention to your window and your products just as well. Below are some easy retail lighting tips from our Holly Springs licensed electrician.

Use Hierarchical Lighting ?

First and foremost, consider the items in your store that are best-sellers, or big-ticket items you?d like to sell fast. These are the items which you will want to place under a spotlight in order to subtly draw consumer attention. Clearance items, or low-ticket items, can be given softer or darker lighting, in order to minimize their draw. Varying your lighting like this in a helps make space feel dynamic and visually interesting. One reason why big box stores can feel bland and stagnant is the use of fluorescent box lighting all across the ceiling. While this technique serves its purpose of helping buyers quickly find what they?re looking for, in a small boutique environment, the effect can be boring and depressing.

Create Flattering Dressing Rooms

It is extremely important for any fashion retailer to have a well-lit dressing room. A poorly-lit dressing room gives customers an unflattering view of the item they are considering, and decreases the chance that it will ever make it to the cash register. Dressing rooms can also be very stressful places for many people, and that stress can translate into the entire shopping experience. With all that said, it?s important to make the dressing room feel as friendly and comfortable as possible. Try using warm, friendly lighting mounted close to the mirror, and have comfortable furniture for guests to sit on. Ideally, a dressing room should feel as welcoming and safe as the guest?s own living room.

Use Contrast in Display Windows

A bright, eye-catching display window is an easy way to attract shoppers? attention. You can easily accomplish this by contrasting vibrant, deep-colored clothing with bright accent lighting, or by pairing a darker, more romantic lighting scheme with light-colored clothing. This type of contrast helps make certain design elements ?pop? and creates a visually playful look that invites the eye to move around?rather than, again, straight fluorescents across the board.

Consider the Temperature

The temperature of your lighting is an oft-overlooked factor that can help contribute to your branding strategy; it can also help you overcome practical issues with your business space. Smaller, more cramped areas can benefit from a cooler lighting design, which tends to create the illusion of spaciousness. If you want to facilitate a familiar, homey feel, you should opt for warmer lighting instead. Some interior designers advocate using colder temperatures for businesses targeted towards younger customers, like teenagers and millennials, and using warmer temperatures when targeting older customers. However, this must be weighed against other factors discussed in this post.

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