Tips on Reducing Your Energy Costs, From Our Holly Springs Electrician!?

Now that the new year has arrived, you most likely have new resolutions concerning your health, your hobbies, and your financial goals. One easy place to save money is your utility bills, especially your electricity. The following tips from our Holly Springs electrician cost very little, and can help you realize big savings on your home maintenance expenses.

Open the Shades

Sunlight is your best friend during the winter. During the day, be sure to keep the curtains open in order to let in as much light and warmth as possible. At night, keep all curtains and blinds closed to reduce the chill emanating from cold windows.?

Wash on the Cold Cycle?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 90% of energy used by a washing machine goes into heating the water, and 80% of dishwasher energy does the same. Most clothing doesn?t need to be washed in hot water to be clean, so you can save a lot of energy by using the cold setting.?

Adjust Your TV Settings?

Many TVs are configured by the factory to be in ?store mode?, a level of brightness that makes for an attractive display in a showroom. However, that amount of brightness is unnecessary in your living room. Adjusting your TV to the ?home? setting will reduce your energy expenditures and extend the life of your TV.?

Clean Your Air Filters?

A dirty air filter makes your heating system work harder, so be sure to change it out every few months. You can also opt for a washable filter, which can last up to 5 years. This simple change will save you money and cut down on the dust in your home as well.?

Use LED Lighting?

This holiday, save on your power bill by using low-energy LED light strings. LED lights last up to 10 times longer than incandescent lights, while consuming 70% less energy. In addition, a single LED bulb will not compromise an entire strand in the unlikely event it burns out, so you can celebrate the season with a lower bill and an emptier trash can.?

Use Electric Space Heaters Wisely

Space heaters are best used to heat up a chilly area, like a bathroom or desk, rather than a full-sized home. This is because, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, central heating systems use only 43% of the energy that an electric space heater uses to heat the same area. Running a space heater continuously instead of using central air can drastically raise your electric costs.?

Need Help Being Energy-Efficient? Call our Holly Springs Electrician!?

It?s estimated that the average household will use up to 200 kWh more in the winter. This is firstly due to the high cost of heating a home in the cold, and secondly due to the fact that most people stay inside more during the winter, running the TV, radio, lights, computer game system, and computers. That means that you are far more likely to place a drain on your system and face electrical issues!

If you need any help with your outlets, circuits, fixtures, or miscellaneous electrical item, just call Alternate Current Solutions. We?ll inspect your electrical system and help you save money in every place you can! To schedule a free electric inspection in Holly Springs, click here.?