Will 2020 Be the Year of the Electric Vehicle? Our Holly Springs Electrician Weighs In

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been the next big thing in transportation for almost a decade, but they?re still a bit player when compared to the overall car market. EVs accounted for just 1.8% of March 2019 auto sales, which, although a whopping 64% increase from 2018 sales numbers, still represents a tiny fraction of all cars sold in the U.S.

But with everyone from Kia, to Audi, to even Ford unveiling an electric-something this year, 2020 just might be the year that EVs kick it into high gear (figuratively speaking, of course.) In today?s post, our Holly Spring electrician discusses why electric vehicles just might take over the roads this year?and this decade.??

Longer Distances on a Single Charge?

The biggest obstacle EVs have faced is range anxiety?the fear that drivers will wind up stranded miles from a charging station. Cross-country drives or even long road trips were once unthinkable with an electric drivetrain, especially when early vehicles had ranges of less than 100 miles.?But today?s EVs have stepped their game up to address this problem, and most popular models are able to cross over 250 miles on a single charge.?

More EV Charging Stations?

The charging infrastructure across the U.S. has dramatically improved, too, with 20,000 charging locations and 57,000 charging plugs scattered throughout the country. And unlike gas cars, EVs can also be charged at home, giving them a unique convenience over standard vehicles. With a little planning, almost any drive is possible, and that fact is bound open up the market to once-skeptical consumers.?

More Options Than Ever?

For years, ?electric car? was synonymous with ?Tesla.? But with more and more car makers dogpiling onto the EV trend, that is rapidly changing. Kia is unrolling the e-Soul, featuring an impressive 280-mile in range, as well as the Niro, with 240. Starting at $34,000 and $38,500, respectively, these two could attract the budget-conscious buyer.?The Hyundai Kona Electric starts at $36,500 and is said to get 258 miles of range out of its compact hatchback design, which is also quite competitive. Even the top end of the market is getting some interesting options, with the Audi e-tron and the Porsche Taycan.?

Need EV Charger Installation in Holly Springs??

Those interested in reducing their utility costs and carbon footprint are no longer faced with a choice of expensive Teslas and short-ranged, unattractive off-brands. Market offerings are rapidly improving to include something for everyone?from electric Mustangs to SUVs to luxury wheels. If consumers start to embrace the superior performance and cost-effectiveness of EVs, the market may explode in 2020 and start to take a formidable share of auto sales.?

Which brings us to our next point: If you live in Holly Springs, Apex, or Cary NC, investing in electric vehicle charger installation now can put you ahead of the game. Homes equipped with an EV charging station will have a unique selling advantage over other options, and businesses with commercial EV chargers are well-positioned to attract clients in a wealthier, more educated, more tech-savvy market. So if you?re ready to investigate electric vehicle chargers in Holly Springs, give us a call today to book a free estimate!?