3 Electric Solutions to Make Your Home Look Bigger, Brighter and Cleaner

Most people only call electricians when they need a repair or replacement, but did you know that your local electrician also has the skills to cut down your clutter, boost your space, and make your living space feel more airy, open, and inviting? It?s true! Solutions like USB outlets, recessed can lights, and TV wall mounts let you get rid of dangling cords and bulky console tables, and free up your space for activities. Learn more below from our Apex electrician.

USB Outlets

When everyone in the family has a phone, tablet, FitBit, keyboard, and electric toothbrush to plug in and recharge, cords and chargers can get out of control. Somehow, they manage to be constantly plugged into the wall, sucking out energy and hiking your electrical cords, until the exact moment you need one, when they?re nowhere to be found. You can eliminate all these problems by installing USB outlets right into your wall sockets. This ultra-modern solution is becoming a feature in more and more new houses, and it?s no wonder?in a world powered by USB devices, USB outlets have really become more of a necessity than a luxury!

Not only do USB outlets cut down on your clutter and cords, most of these outlets shut off as soon as devices reach full power. This eliminates the ?vampire draw? effect, saving you energy and money.

Recessed Can Lighting

No matter how clean and tidy you keep your home, lights and fixtures hanging down from the ceiling can make it feel cluttered, messy and cramped. Even worse, bad lighting can make the home feel darker and older than it is. Recessed can lights are an amazing solution for both these issues. When placed strategically, recessed can lighting makes a space look clean, streamlined, and modern. Because the lights are ?buried? up inside the ceiling, there are no fixtures dangling down; the space becomes more open, light-filled and airy.

Recessed lighting can also be used to highlight certain pieces of artwork or architecture, or subliminally ?point? guests towards commonly-used spaces?like the bathroom–and away from closets and office spaces. Lastly, placing recessed lighting fixtures around the perimeter of a small room can help “push” the walls out and make?the space?feel larger.

TV Wall Mounting

If you?re like most TV owners, your TV is currently perched on top of a small console table, whose primary purpose is concealing the nightmare of cables and plugs behind it. What if we told you that you can hide those cables by running them through the wall? For a professional electrician, this is a relatively simple task, and it doesn?t require as much mess or cuts as you might believe (in most cases, a single 3?x5? hole will do). As an added bonus, pulling your TV up off the floor and placing it onto the wall makes the entire space look bigger, cleaner, and more organized. It also just makes your home look more valuable!

Need an Electrician in Apex or Cary??

Hold on before you pull out the stud finder?a poor TV wall mounting job can result in a lot of big problems, so this is a job best left to a professional. The same goes for USB outlet installation and recessed can lights–a professional electrician can get the job done safely, cleanly, and correctly. Click here to schedule a free estimate with us in Apex.