The Top 3 Electrical Issues That Could Make or Break Your Home Sale

It may be curb appeal that draws potential buyers to your house showing, but it?s what?s lurking under the walls that will send them elsewhere. Don?t wait for the home inspection to uncover issues in your electrical system?not only does this complicate the sale process, it could prevent you from getting top dollar for your home! Below are some common electrical issues to take care of before placing your house on the market.

Outdated Wiring

As crazy as it may seem, some older homes still have knob-and-tube and aluminum wiring, used from the 1880s to the 1940s. This type of wiring did not include safety ground conductors, among other things, and is a big fire hazard. In addition to being dangerous, it?s also inconvenient; vintage electrical systems were not designed to handle today?s load of household electronics and can easily become overwhelmed when too many devices are plugged in. Therefore, in order to get the maximum amount for your home, make sure to upgrade to modern, solid copper wiring that is capable of receiving up to 200 amps (as opposed to the traditional 60 amps which older homes used).

Two-Prong Outlets

Nothing says ?let?s move on to the next option? to today?s home buyer like two-prong outlets. That?s because, while most laypeople aren?t too savvy about the inner workings of an electrical system, it?s pretty easy to tell that a system is outdated by looking at the outlets.

Two-prong outlets aren?t just a nuisance; they?re also a hazard to both people and devices. That third prong, the grounding prong, helps direct surplus electricity to the ground, so that it won?t travel through the appliance, or person, that is in its path during a power surge. Without a grounding wire, surplus electricity caused by a power surge or other factor will do one of two things: one, turn any metallic device into a shock hazard; or two, fry the device itself. For the sake of your own safety, your expensive gadgets? safety, and your home sale, upgrade any two-prong outlets in your home A.S.A.P.

Lack of Outlets

Again, your potential buyer might not know an AFCI from a circuit panel, but they know when there aren?t enough outlets in a room. That?s why it?s important to ensure that your outlets aren?t just up to date; but that they?re in plentiful supply, too. With multiple family members needing to charge multiple devices throughout the day, no number of outlets is too many.

Aside from being inconvenient, not having enough outlets is bad for your electrical system, too. If, say, there is only one outlet in a room, and the homeowners use power strips and extension cords to add additional lighting, the system can become overwhelmed and even catch fire. In summary, make sure that every room contains multiple outlets, in in convenient locations like next to the night stand, outside the front door (for holiday lights), and in the bathroom. Outlets in the bath, kitchen, garage, basement, or other wet locations should be equipped with GFCI receptacles, as these will monitor electrical current and cut it instantly when an imbalance is detected.

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