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Upgrade Your Kitchen With a Countertop Outlet Pop-Up

We live in an age of technology. That is why there is no such thing as having too many outlets in your home. In the past, people would use power strips. Now, you can use pop-up outlets. These outlets are conspicuous and will only pop up when you need them.

Installing a Kitchen Pop-Up Outlet

You will need to hire a local electrician if you need a pop-up outlet installed. The electrician will make an opening in the desired area. After that, they will place the pop-up unit and secure it. The final step is to connect the wires to the circuit.

The residential electrician in Holly Springs may need to add a new circuit to stop your circuit breaker from tripping. Your electrician will be able to tell you whether you need a new circuit. You may not need another circuit. However, if a few appliances cause the circuit breaker to trip, then you likely need another circuit.

Where to Place the Pop-Up Outlets

You will need to determine where you should install your pop-up outlets before you call a residential electrician in Holly Springs. You may want to install them on a countertop area or kitchen island. Keep in mind that the National Electrical Code requires there to be one outlet available for the first nine feet of the countertop. There should also be another outlet for every 18 feet of the counter.

Furthermore, the National Electrical Code requires every outlet to have a ground fault circuit interrupter. The GFCIs are designed to shut off power when it detects that it is necessary. This will reduce the risk of electric shock. They work by detecting imbalances in the electrical system. A local electrician can install a GFCI if you do not already have one in your home.

If you’re looking for a licensed electrician in Holly Springs to install a pop-up outlet, then contact us today for a free estimate.