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Below are just a few residential electric services we offer. If you need help with any of these items, just give us a call today!

ACS electrician changing ballast and light bulb

Indoor Lighting Upgrades & Repairs

Our professionals will find a lighting design that fits your needs and your common areas. Contact us today.

ACS worker with blue gloves installing light bulbs

Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

Having the right lighting for your garden areas can be an easy fix for one of our certified electric professionals. Contact us today.

ACS electrician performing refrigerator installation

Smart Home

Create better access around your home with the click of a button. Contact us today to make your home smart.

ACS worker reading electric box

Home Safety

Keep your family safe with a home inspection. Make sure your wiring and fire detectors are of reliable use.

White Tesla with blue charger

Tesla Car Chargers

Charge your Tesla up in your EV car charging station. Eliminate your worries of charging your car with an installation.

Swimming pool at night

Pool, Spa & Hot Tub

Get your pool, spa, or hot tub installed for your special events. Let our professionals get you ready for the summertime.

ACS worker performing wiring work

Wiring Upgrades/Repairs

Have old wiring or lights flickering? it is time for your wires to be replaced. Let our professionals upgrade you.

ACS worker in red gloves performing breaker box work

Circuit Breaker Repair & Replacement

If the breakers in your home keeps tripping, it may be time to have them replaced. Contact us for an appointment.

Circuit Panel Installation/Repair

Are the amps on your home low or are you living in an older home? If so, it may be time to change your circuit breaker.

ACS worker installing brown ceiling fan

Ceiling Fan

Hot house? Need your ceiling fan installed? We can help you cool your home down. Contact us today .

ACS worker with black screwdriver fixing black outlet

Outlet Repair & Install

If your switch or outlet is broken or malfunctioning, then having them replaced is important for you and your family.

renovated kitchen with paint buckets and ladder


New addition or renovation? Our electric professionals will provide you with electrical wiring, outlets, and any other service needed.

Residential & Commercial Electrician Services

Leave the electrical work to our professionals. Your peace of mind is worth it.

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